Userism is a digital agency based in Manchester UK

We specialise in the design and development of websites and mobile apps that are easy to navigate and a pleasure to use.

Focusing on user experience and human behaviour design when building digital products, ensures we deliver experiences that end users intuitively understand from the outset.

Complete and considered pre-design that includes: workshops, investigatory exercises, user profiling, persona development, journey mapping, information architecture scoping and feature development provides a solid foundation for building useful & engaging products.

We use these processes to design websites & apps that just… work.


  • It’s onboarding made easy, so you inform and educate from the very beginning
  • It's contextual prompting for genuinely useful feedback
  • It’s understanding human behaviour and catering for a diverse range of attention profiles
  • It’s learning the nuances of your userbase as your community grows
  • It’s the start of every great digital project…
  • …and the heart of every great digital product.

Userism -experts in: