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The secret to building habit forming products, is all in the mind

Digitise your service offering. Build a customer facing mobile or tablet app

Is your customer or client base mobile? Used to swapping between devices and switching up services? Are there native features in a phone or tablet device that could be utilised to bring additional benefits to them? There are a few things to consider if you’re thinking of developing an app for your business.


What need are you fulfilling?

Decide if there is a true use case for your app idea. Will it fulfil a need or improve people’s lives in some way?


Are you focused?

What will your app’s focal point be? The most successful apps do one thing. And they do it really well.


How will you integrate?

Will your app integrate with existing technology and processes? Will change management be required?

Your users, are everything

People talk. But when people experience something truly exceptional, they don’t just talk, they shout. Give them something great and they’ll shout from the rooftops. Make on-boarding a joy, retention a non-issue, continually delight and your users become a living, breathing sales engine.

Grow your community

An app is nothing without users. Create the right environment and your community will follow. How will you attract new users? More importantly, how will you retain them?

Onboard users

Onboarding should be easy and informative. Make benefits quick, clear and accessible. Educate from the beginning and guide your users to the features they are looking for.

To onboard

  • Welcome your users
  • Educate them
  • Sign-post features
  • Show them around
  • Offer tips

Focus on retention

Hungry for instant gratification, people get bored quickly. Keep them engaged, keep them rewarded and they’ll keep with you.

To retain

  • Keep it simple
  • Help with goal completion
  • Use attention hooks
  • Offer rewards
  • Inform, educate, entertain

Create viral growth

We delight in telling others about amazing experiences, about our successes. Impress your users regularly and watch them share the good news about your product over and over.

To grow

  • Solve a true need
  • Delight your customers
  • Give them something extra
  • Make it sharable

Are you thinking big enough? How will your app fit into a wider strategy? Is it your core product or just one entry point for your customers to access your service offering?

Omnichannel publishing

If you have multiple customer facing products, your app may be just one part of an omnichannel publishing strategy - A frontend that links to an MDM (Master Data Management) or PIM (Product Information Management) framework. Get in contact if you’d like to discuss how an app might fit into a wider omnichannel solution.

App design for ecommerce

If you want to sell through your app, either creating a mobile ecommerce store or utilising in app purchases, you will need to consider the backend technologies that power this.

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There’s a secret to building habit forming products

We are creatures of instinct and intrigue. Our curiosity often gets the better of us. By understanding human characteristics, we can begin to predict behaviour with stunning accuracy.

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