Experience design for digital products

Creating wow moments... in every day interaction.

Create exceptional experiences… Focus on your users

They are your greatest advocates, and their needs come first… Always. If you want to foster adoption of your product or service, its really very simple - create a user experience people love. If they love it, they will return, again and again. Not only that, they will also tell their friends, who will love it too.

User experience design is the starting point for building truly great products. At Userism, it's something we take very seriously. Why? Because it works.

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Understand your user's landscape

Our worlds are interconnected like never before. We share content between a multitude of devices of different shapes, sizes and formats. Thousands of services and millions of people are just moments away.

How does your product fit into your users lives? Does it adapt to the way they want to use it? Will it evolve as they do? Understanding what users want from you, is the first step to delivering an experience that will be engaging and rewarding.

Experience design for web

We design websites for usability and performance foremost whilst ensuring they engage with the intended audience and deliver the appropriate results for the business owner.

This means understanding the requirements of the user and aligning them to organisational goals, anticipating key objectives, providing routes and pathways for users to follow and nudging them towards goal completion regardless of the device being used to access the website.

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Experience design for mobile apps

We design mobile and tablet apps to provide rich experiences for the user, focusing on task orientation and goal completion.

At Userism, app design starts with a clear understanding of how and why the product is intended to improve someone's life. With this in mind, we are much better equipped to make positive steps forward and ensure the end result meets the needs of user and provides a rewarding experience throughout.

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Experience design for ecommerce

We design ecommerce solutions such as online stores and retail apps to be flexible, user friendly and integrate with wider omnichannel experiences.

Your ecommerce store is typically just one point in the customer journey and needs to support a much more flexible buying process than ever before. Considering customer expectations, helping users in their product investigations and offering purchase options at the right time are key to engaging with modern consumers.

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Inform, Educate, Entertain

If you’re not doing at least one of these 3 things, what are you doing…?

Designing for users

User focused, experience design is a core principle for Userism. Our experience design services include:

User journey mapping

Understanding where users will end up and providing informative, educational or entertaining routes for them to follow.

Navigation & wayfinding

Providing clear navigation and sign posting to ensure users don't get lost whilst investigating unknown features and content.

Information architecture

Ensuring an organisation's information is accessible in efficient and effective ways.

Human behavioural characteristics

Understanding every user is unique (but also conforms to known patterns). Grabbing attention and leveraging habitual behaviours.

Persona building

Creating archetypal user profiles to test decision making throughout the design and development process.

Story boarding

Designing workflows and user journeys. Being clear about intended outcomes and visualising our end goals.

User flow analysis

Studying existing user journeys, learning from current trends and identifying areas for improvement.

Heuristic evaluation

Using heuristics and cognitive bias science to inform the design process and build products that align with human needs and emotions.

Empathy mapping

Seeing, hearing and feeling experiences as users do in order to better understand their needs and wants.

There’s a secret to building habit forming products

We are creatures of instinct and intrigue. Our curiosity often gets the better of us. By understanding human characteristics, we can begin to predict behaviour with stunning accuracy.

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