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Put your users at the heart of every decision

Userism, is considering the thoughts and feelings of users throughout the design, development, deployment and ongoing evolution of every digital product. It's focusing on their needs first and putting them at the heart of every decision. In doing this, we believe we will build better websites, apps and digital experiences for our clients and their customers.

We advise, consult and champion user experience, in everything we do.

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Understand your users better

The case for better user experience is a very simple one. The easier, more intuitive and more useful a product is, the more likely someone is to use it and share it with friends, family and colleagues. By understanding your users better, you are more able to build products they enjoy and want to use. A user experience expert will give you the information needed to better serve your users and create more engaging products.

Usability guidelines

Usability is a science. When consulting on projects we follow tried and tested guidelines that meet commonly agreed industry best practice.

Task orientation

Are users able to identify required tasks, locate important features and learn how to use a product?

Trust and credibility

Is a product credible? Does it contain the necessary items to build and maintain trust?

Search usability

Is a product searchable and are user expectations met around results and unexpected issues?

Navigation & information architecture

Can you move around with ease? Is the information organised appropriately and easily browsed?

Writing & content quality

Does the content; inform, educate or entertain and is it free from errors/easy to consume?

Help & feedback

How is error tolerance handled? Can a user get help if needed?

Forms & data entry

Are common formats used? Is there any confusion on how or where to enter data?

Page layout & visual design

Is the product aesthetically pleasing and does it conform to common layout expectations?

Would a usability audit help your business?

If your website or mobile app isn't performing or you’re working on a new product launch, at what point should you consider a UX Audit?

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