About us

We’re human. We’re all on this journey together. For us, its about making things better for everyone.

We’re a bunch of technology enthusiasts with a passion for human interaction. Designers delving deep into human behaviour, and developers exploring the limits of data manipulation, collaborating together to craft exceptional digital experiences.

Where we began


After working in the digital industries for many years, building websites, mobile apps and other digital products, and seeing the coming and going of design trends and methodologies, we noticed a common theme. The most successful projects tend to be the ones that have had substantial thought go into how these products might be received by the end user. We came to understand an important factor in a project's success.

User experience design really does play an important role in building better products.

Not only that, but bad user experience, can ruin a project before its even got started. As web & mobile developers, we want to build better products for our clients. We want to create digital experiences that users get real value from. Not just a surface level appreciation for the design aesthetic, but a well understood, easy to navigate journey from start to finish.

We decided we would do this by focusing on the user early on in every project. By developing a deep understanding of human nature. And by committing to put the user at the heart of every decision. This was the beginning of Userism.

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Our thinking

Woman on the beach

We like to think we understand humans more than your average agency... Why? Because we spend a lot of our time thinking about humans. Thinking about human interaction and emotion, about the triggers that stimulate certain responses and the psychology behind why we make certain decisions. We think this is important, because it helps us design & build better digital products.

A human first approach is better for business.

When you understand human behavioural characteristics on a deeper level, you can create experiences that complement human nature. We are constantly looking to develop our understanding of how the mind works.

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Meaningful learning

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It didn't happen overnight, we’ve made mistakes and we’re proud of it. After all, without making mistakes and learning from them, you never build anything great.

We learnt a lot of valuable lessons along the way and we use them every day in every project.


It doesn't have to be perfect at first launch, your customers are much more forgiving than you might think.


Involving all stakeholders from the very beginning gives the best chance for project success.


Onboarding is really important. You have a great opportunity to educate your users and set expectations.


A human first approach, builds better products.


No peice of technology has ever improved upon a pen and pad/whiteboard for idea generation.


Never put anything live on a Friday.

Combining a unique & varied set of skills

1 User Experience Design

User Experience Design

Complimenting human behavioural characteristics with intuitive, easy navigation.

2 Research

Research & Strategy

Sound strategic thinking backed up with solid research aligned to project goals.

3 Human Behaviour Characteristics

Human Understanding

Delving deep into the human mind to understand behaviour, motivation and influence.

4 Information Architecture

Information Architecture Design

Crafting content and data architecture to compliment business requirements.

5 Master Data Management

Data Management

Storing large amounts of product or customer data for easy retention and retrieval.

6 Digital Product Development

Digital Product Development

Building customer facing mobile & web applications to integrate with business systems.

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How can we help you?

Person walking on the beach

If you’re considering a new project to improve your online presence or enhance your product data management, there’s a good chance we can help.

We will focus on your customer journey first.

Once the customer journey is understood, we’ll look for opportunities to enhance and develop your user facing products, allowing your customers to connect more closely with your business. If that sounds ideal, get in touch below.

We have seen an immediate increase within our online presence and brand.
Working with Userism has been a truly amazing experience.
I’d happily recommend Userism for anyone tackling an ambitious project.

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