UX Designer

We’re on the lookout for a UX designer to join us in designing digital experiences across web & mobile.

What we’re looking for

A keen eye for detail, an interest in human interaction and problem-solving abilities are a must. At Userism we work hard to ensure the products we deliver for our clients not only look great, but they function well too. The UX design process is a substantial part of most projects we work on, from project discovery through user journey development onto UI design and support in the project development stages. It’s so important to our work process, we will only consider UX designers that can demonstrate genuine ability to recognise problems and present workable solutions throughout the role responsibilities.

The UX design field is a varied and evolving one with new techniques and processes being developed constantly. Candidates will stand out by bringing new ideas of how to approach problem-solving to the table. We are looking for life-long learners who will add to our design process and not be afraid to try new ideas out.

Role responsibilities

Some typical responsibilities for this role may include:

  • Project discovery
    • Workshop design (and management)
    • Competitor analysis
    • Content & feature reviews
    • Persona building
  • UX Design
    • Storyboarding
    • User flow analysis
    • Empathy mapping
    • Information architecture design
    • User journey mapping
    • Wireframing
    • UI design
  • UX support
    • Content reviews
    • Quality Assurance & Testing
    • Heuristic evaluation
    • UX Audits


Important skills we will look for:

  • Communication - you must be able to communicate effectively both verbally (to the team and with clients) and on paper.
  • Problem-solving - being able to identify issues and present workable solutions.
  • Organisation - making decisions on what elements of UX design will go into a particular project and effectively delivering on those in such a way that the whole team benefits from the learnings.
  • Art working - creating visuals of proposed solutions, information architecture diagrams, user journey mapping etc.
  • Wireframing - Low & High fidelity wireframing for UI layouts across multiple devices.
  • UI design - The ability to create slick UI designs that complement modern trends.
  • Adobe Creative Suite - Experience with Adobe CS products such as; XD, Illustrator, Photoshop desirable. Although experience with other art working tools of interest.

Experience & role type

We’re currently accepting CV’s for both junior & mid-weight positions, we are however keen to see a proven ability within your portfolio (please include a link where we can see examples of the above-mentioned skills within your application). Salary will be based on experience.


In the long-term, this will be a full-time position based in our Manchester office with flexible working hours and some kind of hybrid WFH and office-based arrangement if desired. Short-term, remote working that suits your comfort levels and government guidance. You will have a dedicated desk here to use but we expect hybrid working to continue for some time.

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