Product Information Management (PIM)

Helping businesses organise their product data for efficiency and scalability

Store product data in one central source of truth and automate updates through all your channels

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We’re a PIM Agency, providing Product Information Management (PIM) services for our clients to improve; automation, workflow and efficiency. A well-structured PIM can serve all your channels, from customer-facing storefronts to back-office business systems.

Having one central repository for product data ensures consistency of information. It reduces errors and duplication whilst promoting the accuracy of product data. Your PIM should be your single source of truth for all product data.

Product Information Management Software gives you…

Robust & scalable product data

PIM provides the framework to model your product data and make it available to use wherever needed. A well-crafted PIM should allow the flexibility to grow and adapt to your business.

Automated product updates

One central source that integrates with all your customer-facing channels means product updates can be automated. This alone can provide huge reductions in admin time for product managers.

Integration with business systems

Integrate with all your business systems (ERP, CRM, Warehousing, Stock control) to provide up-to-date information across your organisation.

What our clients say

Don't just take our word for it, here's what a client has to say

Pimcore has been our platform of choice to manage our product information and website. The team at Userism have been great to work with and we look forward to seeing where the next stage of development will take the business.

David Fairclough | Managing Director | Pinseeker

The benefits a well-crafted PIM system brings

Clear Information Architecture

Clear information architecture

Giving product managers a defined data model to work with removes doubt and allows data to be added quickly and efficiently.

Improved Data Quality

Improved data quality

Defining rules for data entry promotes consistency and accuracy of the information and helps admins spot errors before they go live.

Content Of Control Distribution

Control of content distribution

Storing product data centrally allows you to automate and control the release of product descriptions and other updates across sales channels.

Integration With Ecommerce

Integration with eCommerce

Integrate your product data directly with your e-commerce store for faster and cleaner updates.

Integration With Marketplace

Integration with marketplaces

A Product Information Management System can push product data to marketplaces like Amazon, Ali Baba, Etsy and eBay.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Business intelligence reporting

Use PIM reporting to identify gaps in product information or inconsistencies across your channels.

How Pimcore gives you the edge.

Pimcore is our PIM system of choice, find out more.

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Frequent Questions

What is PIM or Product Information Management?

Product Information Management is the process of taking (typically large or complex) sets of product data and organising them in some software so you can make it easier to access. It used to be only very large companies that did this, however, in the last decade, many affordable software solutions have entered the market that makes it accessible to smaller businesses. Once you’ve organised your data, you can integrate it with other systems like eCommerce, Inventory Management & ERP solutions.

How much product data can PIM software hold?

It depends on the software you’re using. We like Pimcore which has been tested with millions of records. Large retailers often go up to 100,000s of records but really there are solutions that can scale as far as you would ever need it to practically go.

What else can you do with a product data management system?

The main goal would of course be to manage your product data. However, many software solutions now have become adept at other related tasks like Digital Asset Management, Product Experience Management, Master Data Management and Inventory Management. A platform that is particularly good for enriching product experiences is Pimcore which we've been using successfully for many years.

Why aren’t there more product information management agencies?

Good question! We’ve been a PIM Agency in Manchester for quite some time. It’s always been the backbone of any eCommerce development work we’ve done. If you have a lot of products to manage, it would be well worth speaking to someone who specialises in this area. If you’re looking for a PIM Agency in the UK, there are a few great candidates and we would obviously be very happy to chat.

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