Product Information Management (PIM)

Helping businesses organise their product data for efficiency and scalability

Store product data in one central source of truth and automate updates through all your channels

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We provide Product Information Management (PIM) services for our clients to improve; automation, workflow and efficiency. A well-structured PIM can serve all your channels, from customer facing store fronts to back-office business systems.

Having one central repository for product data ensures consistency of information. It reduces errors and duplication whilst promoting accuracy of product data. Your PIM should be your central hub for all product data.

Benefits & Objectives

Robust & scalable product data

PIM provides the framework to model your product data and make it available to use wherever needed. A well-crafted PIM should allow the flexibility to grow and adapt with your business.

Automate product updates

One central source that integrates with all your customer facing channels mean product updates can be automated. This alone can provide huge reductions in admin time for product managers.

Integrate with business systems

Integrate with all your business systems (ERP, CRM, Warehousing, Stock control) to provide up to date information across your organisation.

Let us share our experience with PIM with you

We work with product data a lot, and have learnt a thing or two over the years. If you have any questions about PIM not covered here, get in touch.

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Our PIM projects

We work with some exclusive clients. In order to protect their anonymity, as a rule:

We don't advertise client work in a public forum.

...even on our own website. If you would like to request a related case study, drop us a line and we'd be more than happy to oblige.

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