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Understanding your users helps you design for success

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We’re an agency that puts UX design at the heart of our methodology. It's deeply routed in our process and an integral part of what makes our client projects a success.

When you take time to understand your user's thoughts and feelings, you can create user journeys that complement their way of thinking. By anticipating concerns and blockers, we adapt a website or app to alleviate those issues and create a clear pathway to the desired endpoint.

A user experience design agency will help you learn about your customer's intentions & goals, plus their pain points, and then use those to inform the design process for better long-term outcomes.

How a UX agency approaches design

Understanding user intentions

Through thorough research and strategy development, we can uncover the true intentions of your website users. Conducting user interviews, collecting survey data or good old-fashioned desk research are all great ways to learn more about your customers.

Data-driven decision making

We use powerful software and AI tools to learn about, track and monitor user behaviour. What users say and what they do can be different things. By collecting data on actual user preferences, you put yourself in the best place to make accurate decisions on customer behaviour.

Crafting experience to compliment behaviour

We use the information learnt about your customers to create websites that complement exactly what they’re trying to achieve, with clear pathways and all the information needed to make a purchase decision. If you do this well, they will have no need to go elsewhere.

Our Design clients

Don't just take our word for it, here's some direct feedback.

Userism have an excellent grasp over user experience design, it was a great success and I look forward to working with them on future projects

Mark Mitchell | Digital Director | Live & Breathe

Our UX services

Improved Data Quality

Customer research

Learning about your customer's behaviours through methods designed to uncover what they do and want.

Improved Data Quality

User Interviews

Speaking directly to users is hugely beneficial to learning about their desires, needs and pain points.

Improved Data Quality

Empathy Mapping

Uncover what your customers: Say, Do, Think and Feel to gain a well-rounded idea of their objectives with your business.

Improved Data Quality

Customer journey mapping

Map the pathways and design specific journies to take users on through your website or app, ensuring they get everything they need along the way.

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User persona development

Constructing personas of your target audience will help you understand who they really are and how to best communicate with them.

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Content Architecture

Building a structured hierarchy of your content will ensure it's easy to navigate with important information positioned first.

Improved Data Quality


The blueprints of your site should be considered first before aesthetics to ensure user journies continue to work throughout.

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Content design

Designing content that supports your brand values and storytelling objectives will help foster interest in your proposition.

Improved Data Quality


Creating prototypes can be an effective way to test the designs before coding starts so you know exactly what the end result will deliver.

Frequent Questions

What is UX design?

UX or User Experience Design is the practice of designing specifically for the experience you want your users to have. It is typically ‘experience first’ rather than jumping straight into the aesthetics of a user interface. When we talk about UX Design, we’re generally thinking about the journey we want users to go on and the emotional state they will have along the way, plus all the pain points and blockers they might come up against and how to get past those.

What is a UX designer?

A UX Designer is someone who will take time to understand the problems and objectives a user is having on a website or app (or any experience). This might be through research methods, user testing, data studies or using known best practices. They will then take those learnings and use them to design a more effective experience that better meets the needs of the user. This is different from a UI Designer (User Interface), who is only concerned with visuals.

What is a user persona?

A user persona is a UX artefact created that summarises a specific user archetype. User personas should be created using real data (preferably from first-hand examples of the problem you are trying to solve). It will include the basic demographics of the type of person you are solving a problem for and typically go into detail about their wants, needs, desires and pain points. User personas are a great way to frame who you are building a product for and visualise the target customer.

What is the difference between UX and UI?

UX stands for ‘User Experience' and is the concept that looks specifically at the experience a user will have in any given situation. It is not primarily concerned with visuals, but more with the emotional reaction to and functional steps a user might take to achieve a goal. UI stands for ‘User Interface’ and is the visual representation of a digital product (website, app, software). It is what the interface looks like, the layout, colours, graphics and different visual elements. UX and UI are distinctly different, but often go hand in hand with digital product development (which is where a UX UI Designer will cover both skill sets).

What is the value of UX Design?

A report by Forrester showed that every $1 invested in UX, brings up to $100 in return. There is huge value in focusing on UX and a user experience design agency will help you maximise the benefit of that investment. For more on this topic, read our article here: What is the value of User Experience Design?

Is Manchester good for UX?

There are some great user experience agencies in Manchester. Some focus purely on UX, others as part of a broader set of services. We've done our own research into the state of ecommerce ux, highlighting a lack of services in this area (a gap we're actively filling through our own work). If you'd like to know more about this, please get in touch.

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