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Building great websites, users return to again and again, requires a deep understanding of human needs and desires.

A Web Design Agency that understands your customers

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We’re a Web Design Agency in Manchester, UK. We design websites for humans. Every project starts with the user in mind. Every user is unique, but as humans, we have similar characteristics and follow common patterns. Understanding how the brain is triggered by different stimuli allows us to predict behaviour and lay down paths of least resistance.

Building a truly great web experience for your customers is simply understanding what they crave and giving it to them.

How to build a great website

Understand objectives

Learn what your users ‘truly’ want and help them quickly and intuitively complete their goals. Show them they are in the right place to answer their questions.

Optimise user journeys

Guide users with clear pathways and signposting. Reduce barriers and avoid clutter. Make it easy for users to find what they are looking for.

Delight and engage

Make space to delight your users. Give them little wins and make them feel valued. It’s often the small details that leave the longest impression.

Our web design clients:

Don't take our word for it, here's some direct feedback.

Userism focus on user experience and human behaviour design when building digital products. We have seen an immediate increase within our online presence and brand.

Matt Garnett | Managing Director | James Robertshaw

Working with Userism has been a truly amazing experience. They took the time to understand my business and the website needs. It is the best I have experienced.

Paul Eatock | MD | Eatock Design & Build

How we engage your customers

User Journey Mapping

User journey mapping

Understanding key objectives and ensuring the routes users take though a website will lead to the desired destination.

Navigation and Wayfinding

Navigation & way finding

Designing intuitive navigation, providing adequate sign posting and avoiding dead-ends to help users find their way around.

Information Architecture

Information architecture

Considering an organisations information hierachy and providing it back to the user in a simple and useful manor.

Human Behaviour Characteristics

Human behavioural characteristics

Understanding that humans are… human, with different; wants, needs and objectives.

User Experience Design

User experience design

Designing optimal experiences for as many users as possible. Informing, educating and entertaining along the way.



Creating bespoke experiences for certain groups or individuals. Learning more with each visit and tailoring content to suit.

Conceptual Design

Conceptual design

Designing the look and feel of a website to match brand guidelines and campaign tone.

UI Design

UI design

Designing User Interface for optimum performance and usability.

UI Protostyping

UI prototyping

Gaining useful feedback from genuine users ahead of development.

Frequent Questions

What is web development?

Web development is the practice of building websites. Once a site has been prepared by a design team you need to pass it to a developer who will write the code or use software to build the website and make it ready for release onto a server so it can be found online

What does a web developer do?

A website developer will take a UI design and turn it into a fully functioning website by writing the code required for it. This would either be frontend only or full stack development. A good web developer will consider how a web page should work across different devices and browser types. They will also write the code in a way that is search engine friendly and accessible by users with impairments.

At Userism, we handle both design and development for websites. All our work goes through vigorous quality assurance checks, ensuring a high-quality standard with every project.

How to choose a web design agency?

Choosing the right agency to work with is very important. Different agencies specialise in different areas. Some will focus purely on design, others on development and other services.

To find the best fit for you, you should consider first what you want from your website. Is it to sell products? Or generate new business leads? You should also look to others in your industry to understand the level of design aesthetics you’ll be up against. Once you have a good idea of your requirements, you can look for an agency that offers those services.

At Userism, we look to understand the users of the website first, then design accordingly. We will develop the site using modern coding techniques and handle all the hosting and deployment. After launch, we can support your digital marketing efforts through ongoing SEO and content marketing services.

What is the difference between a website and a web application?

A website is a collection of copy, images and rich media content collected together as pages you can view on your desktop or mobile device. A web application is a website that tends to have more functionality available, perhaps a booking engine or an area you can log in to and manage data in some way. In recent years there has been a blurring between websites and apps as internet browsers have become more powerful. You can do much more on a website now than you used to be able to.

Who’s the best web development agency in Manchester?

The best web agency in Manchester? That’s actually a tough one. There are some really fantastic businesses in the area offering web services. We’re lucky to be based in a city that boasts a huge talent pool for digital and creative services. Obviously, we have our favourites but really it depends on your individual requirements. If you’d like to have a chat about who’s doing great Manchester web design work, feel free to drop us a message below.

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